Muslims in London Call for Jihad and Sharia Law, Threaten U.S.


A video has been brought to our attention of a massive Muslim demonstration in London, where hundreds of Muslim men are shouting for jihad and carrying signs reading, “Shariah: The only solution.”

Obama has repeated over and over to the American people that Islam is a peaceful religion, and that ISIS members are extremists and not representative of Islam.   But these men are representing normal Muslims and not ISIS members.

One leader among them grabs the microphone and shouts, “The flag of Islam, over the White House, in America!”  Then he leads the others in a chant, “Obama, you will pay, the Muslims are on the way!”

“Take with you the message, that the Muslims are rising, everywhere around the world, in Palestine, in Chechnya, in Burma, in Saudia… wherever they are, they are awaking!”

They claim that Muslims are oppressed and massacred around the world.  They said the “United States are torturing and waterboarding… they are the worst criminals and terrorists.”

The rant goes on… “Where is the UK in all of this?  They are they tail of the American dog.”  “Islam is the future for the world,” he warns.

Leader number two comes back and screams of the horrible things other countries are doing to Muslims.  He names China, Israel, and America, and falsely claims those countries are burning people alive and raping women.

It is unknown when this actual demonstration took place.  It was published on YouTube in February 2015.  Since that time, London has elected its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Aman Khan, and their influence is growing even stronger.

Right away, the new mayor announced he was banning “body-shaming” advertisements from the public transportation systems, such as bikini ads.   In August he announced that those guilty of “online hate crime” such as anti-Muslim comments, would be prosecuted.


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