MUST SEE: Ryan predicts fate of healthcare bill on Thursday (video)

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Today on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked Rep. Paul Ryan, “Will you bring the repeal and replace healthcare bill to the House floor on Thursday, and if so does that mean you have the votes to pass it?”  Ryan provided a long, run on answer, which in short confirmed that he does have the votes and it will go to the House for a vote on Thursday.

Ryan emphasized repeatedly how active President Trump has been in getting the bill to get the support it needs from the House members.  Ryan also stated that the bill is being tweaked with last minute changes.

Wallace identified some of the changed as being:
– States could impose a work requirement for medicaid recipients.
– States could accept a fixed medicaid block grant.
– Boost tax credits for lower income and older people.

Ryan confirmed those changes are all being considered.

Ryan said he believes the U.S. can have a healthcare system where every person can have access to health insurance, including those with preexisting conditions.

Wallace pointed out that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported earlier this week that ten years from now, a man who is 64 years old making $26,500 would pay $1700 for Obamacare.  But under Ryan’s plan the man would pay $14,600 annually for the same plan.

When asked about those numbers and the fact that the CBO claims that millions of people will lose their health insurance under the GOP plan, Ryan said there is no way Obamacare can stick around for another ten years.    He continued by saying the CBO did an analysis based on existing Obamacare plans, and that the GOP would be changing those plans in the future.


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