Mysterious Illness Unleashes in High School, Causing Epidemic

In a Manhattan, Kansas high school called USD 383, students have increasingly been sent home due to a mysterious illness taking over. In a grand total of 67 students being sent home, another 10 were sent home Tuesday afternoon after reporting symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Three faculty members have also been sent home sick.

Riley County Health Department Director Jennifer Green confirmed the cases of sick children all seemed related, and even Manhattan High School Principal Greg Hoyt says sending these many students home in just one week is highly unusual, stating these numbers are not something you’d see even during the flu season.

Parents are now being requested to keep students home if they are vomiting, or have nausea or diarrhea symptoms. Many gastrointestinal illnesses can be spread person-to-person as well as through contaminated food or water. It is not unlikely for these illnesses to spread to family members or other persons in close contact with the ill person. In fact, it hasn’t been reported yet how many people who aren’t attending or working at the high school have also contracted the illness.

The school still does not have any information on the identity of the illness from the Riley County Health Department or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.


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