NAACP President Removed From Flight For Disruption

William Barber NAACP Pres

American Airlines deemed North Carolina NAACP President William Barber to be a disruptive passenger, returned to the gate and escorted him off the plane before resuming the flight.

According to ABC11 News, tempers flared between two passengers before takeoff, on a flight to Raleigh-Durham International Airport from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  

William Barber had purchased two seats for his flight.  Due to a bone fusion arthritic disability, he cannot turn his head around.     Barber called the stewardess over and told her to make the men behind him be quiet, as he felt they were talking too loud.  “Passenger B” behind him was aggravated that Barber didn’t just turn around and ask himself, unaware of the disability – so he spoke up even louder, making distasteful comments, which further inflamed Barber.

Barber stood up and turned around, confronting “Passenger B.”    The stewardess asked Barber to sit down and he grabbed her wrist before finally sitting back down.   The plane returned to the gate, and an officer escorted Barber off the plane.   He was given a voucher for a flight the next day.

“Passenger B” says he realizes he was out of line to make the comments he did, and would apologize if he saw Barber in person.

Barber said he has instructed his legal counsel to investigate why he was asked to be removed from the plane.

According to Breitbart, last January, it was Barber’s North Carolina chapter of the NAACP that urged voters in that state’s primary to head to the polls and vote even if they didn’t have the required photo ID.


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