Navy Sailor Protests National Anthem in Pro-BLM Gesture

A U.S. Navy sailor posted a video of herself refusing to stand for the flag or national anthem. The sailor states she will continue to sit until the United States proves “that they’ve got my back as a black woman.” However, Navy officials quickly caught wind of the video and act, and now the sailor will be facing disciplinary action.

Kyle Becker of IJR explains the the Navy sailor likely violates U.S. military code, which clearly prohibits political activities on federal government property. He further explains rationale behind sailor’s protest:

The sailor’s excuse for failing to salute the flag was that she viewed the national anthem as racist, due to disputed Star Spangled Banner lyrics.


The lyrics “hireling and slave” in a fourth verse penned by Francis Scott Key are disputed by historians due to the British naval practice of “impressment.”

Lt. Cmdr. Kate Meadows, a spokeswoman for Naval Education and Training Command, also released information: “We have identified the Sailor and her chain of command was made aware of the video. Appropriate administrative actions are pending,”


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