Nearly 5 MILLION Illegals Would Qualify For Obama’s Amnesty Plan

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The Supreme Court will end up deciding the fate of two executive orders by Obama that, if approved, could potentially grant amnesty for around 5 million illegal aliens.

In November 2014, Obama announced executive orders that would expand the existing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and also created a new order to allow parents of U.S. citizens or permanents residents to receive amnesty.

A federal judge in Teas blocked the two programs on February 16, 2015, and now it is in the hands of the Supreme Court.  A decision could come in June, although it is unknown for sure when the Supreme Court will rule on the matter.

An interactive map on a new report of those eligible for amnesty shows it could heavily impact the 2016 presidential election, as many live in key battleground states.  The report indicates that a total of 4,948,000 illegal aliens could potentially be eligible for the deportation deferral programs.

The report claims there would be economic benefits to granting amnesty to illegal aliens, but fails to focus on the cost to taxpayers, the impact on jobs taken from American citizens, and the long-term costs to the American economy.  Obama adding the second provision, giving amnesty to parents, gave voice to pro-amnesty groups who use “Stop separating families” as their rallying cry.

The states with the largest numbers of illegal aliens who could benefit from Obamas amnesty are as follows:

Wisconsin: 34,000.

Michigan: 42,000.

Iowa: 17,000.

Ohio: 34,000.

Pennsylvania: 51,000.

Nevada: 66,000.

Virginia: 91,000.

North Carolina: 152,000.

Florida: 229,000.


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