Nebraska Getting Behind Trump, Rebukes Sasse

Trump Fan signs 1

At the Nebraska Republican convention Saturday, two important resolutions were acted upon that put the state firmly in support of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

On Saturday, The Nebraska GOP overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning any potential third-party bid to oppose Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.     This was a public rebuke to Senator Ben Sasse who has vowed to NEVER vote for Trump and had called for a third party candidate.    The voice vote passed about 400 to 8, sending Sasse an strong message that his third-party proposal would not be tolerated.

Nebraska Republicans also threw out a proposed resolution that had condemned “degrading remarks toward women, minorities and other people by Republican elected office holders or party officials, including candidates for president of the United States.”   It had been intended as a rebuke against Donald Trump, but was completely laid aside to maintain party unity.

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