Nebraska Gives Illegals Ability To Apply For Professional Licenses

Nebraska illegal license bill 3

Sure enough, illegals are going after the licensed professional jobs.  Move over, American citizens.

Wednesday, April 20 was a day the illegal “dreamers” won out in Nebraska.   Governor Pete Ricketts had earlier vetoed a bill that would allow illegal aliens the right to apply for professional and commercial licenses.   Wednesday, Nebraska lawmakers voted 31-13 to override the Governor’s veto.   Thirty votes were needed to push it through.

KETV Omaha reported that the bill will apply to immigrants who have received temporary legal status under a 2012 presidential executive order.   They’ll be able to apply for licenses in more than 170 professions.   It’s estimated Nebraska has 5,200 youths with “deferred-action” status.  Dreamers are required to have come to the US before the age of 16, attended school, and must have no criminal record.

Many young illegals were sitting in the balcony observing and broke into applause when the vote was final. One girl said she wants to become a teacher.

Last May, Nebraska lawmakers overrode Governor Rickets’ veto of another bill which ended a ban on drivers licenses for young illegals.


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