“Never Trump” Republican Bill Kristol tweeted that Oprah Winfrey would be a great candidate for president in 2020. The Weekly Standard editor said Winfrey’s speech during Sunday night’s Golden Globes was an indication that she plans to run for the nation’s highest office, prompting Kristol to take up the hashtag “ImWithHer.”

“ImWithHer” was once the battle-cry of  supporters of Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate who was defeated by President Donald J. Trump.

Kristol also wondered whether Winfrey would “be a better president than Trump” if she were to be elected. He said he admires Winfrey for her support of a regime change in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in power, and for her friendship with Allan Bloom, a conservative philosopher who was critical of the higher education system in the U.S., according to The Hill.

Kristol is a long-time critic of President Trump, and recruited challengers to run against Trump in 2016.

In an email, Kristol said the tweets were “tongue in cheek,” but he added “if she runs, couldn’t she win the Democratic nomination and the general election?”

Winfrey’s Golden Globe’s speech has been lauded by the media, celebrities and Winfrey fans, who want her to run for president.

Controversially, NBC tweeted Sunday night, “Nothing but respect for OUR future president,” after the speech, to which the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., responded. On Twitter, he wrote: “In case anyone had any doubts about where the media stands this should take care of it. The bias against @realDonaldTrump is now so obvious they have simply given up hiding it. Can you trust anything they say at this point? Americans see the truth in job #s & in their wallets!”

NBC removed the tweet Monday from its feed, and claimed that it had been “sent by a third party agency.”


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