Peter Mims, the Navy sailor who went missing for a week due to his hiding out in a ship’s engine room, was apparently found covered in urine and feces.

A new report from New York Daily News claims Mims, who suffered from mental illness, was also carrying candy and snacks on him during his time hiding away from crew members aboard the Shiloh.

The report states the following:

The Navy sailor who went missing from his ship for a week was found in a sweltering engine room covered in his urine and feces, according to a report.

Peter Mims was also carrying a water bottle, Easter peep candy and an empty jar of peanut butter when a search crew found him hiding on the cruiser Shiloh on June 15, the Navy Times reported.

Mims’ disappearance on June 8 sparked a manhunt in the Asia-Pacific. Officials thought he had gone overboard. He was known for making bizarre comments to his shipmates, according to the Navy Times.

“Mims was known for outlandish claims, such as he could stop running engineering department engines by pulsating electricity with his body, that he could shoot fireballs out of his hands, that he had a friend who had a motorcycle with the same engine as the ship, that he had been to space, and that before the Navy he was going to work for NASA because he had reached the pinnacle of how strong a human could be,” an investigation by the outlet reveals.