New Disturbing Info About 10-Yr-Old Rape Victim


An autopsy report released Monday shows murder victim Victoria Martens, 10, had human papillomavirus (HPV) at the time of her death, indicating she had suffered prolonged sexual abuse prior to being killed.

Scarlett Fahkar reports:

Victoria Martens was raped, strangled, stabbed and dismembered just a day after her 10th birthday.

Victoria’s mother, Michelle Martens, 35, admitted to watching her daughter being raped and killed by Fabian Gonzales, 32, and his cousin, Jessica Kelley, 32.

KOB Albuquerque reports that Martens had sex with Gonzalez 20 minutes after her daughter was raped and murdered.

Martens told police her daughter died from consuming a bag of methamphetamine that was left on the table in the living room where she was playing. But Martens then changed her story, telling police that Gonzalez and Kelley gave the drug to the young girl to relax her while she was being raped.

Both of these claims have turned out to be false since the toxicology reports released with the autopsy show Victoria had alcohol in her system at the time of her death, not meth.

Martens told police she had watched Gonzalez and Kelley rape Victoria on at least three other occasions in the days before she was killed.

The mother also said she enjoyed watching her daughter being raped and admitted to using a dating website to find men to have sex with young Victoria. Martens claimed she let two other men rape the young girl in the six months leading up to the murder.

Martens told authorities that Gonzales and Kelley attempted to dispose of Victoria’s body – which was found in a bathtub of Martens’ apartment, dismembered and wrapped in a burning blanket.


Michelle Martens, 35, Fabian Gonzales, 32, and Jessica Kelley, 32.

Michelle Martens currently faces charges of kidnapping and child abuse resulting in death.

Fabian Gonzales is facing the same charges as Martens, and also faces an additional charge of child rape.

Jessica Kelley has been charged with kidnapping, child abuse resulting in death, and child rape.

All are in jail awaiting trial, which is scheduled for October.

H/T: Daily Mail


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