New Hospital Gowns Introduced

Patients now have an option – multi-faith dignity gowns protect modesty.

Local Muslims complained about the standard hospital gowns being used in British hospitals, so an optional design is now available at two hospitals.

Breitbart reports:  The hospital’s press office told Breitbart London that their patient engagement team had “worked with the local Muslim sisters” to develop the idea. However, they insisted the new garments are also suitable for ladies of Hindu, Orthodox Jewish and Rastafarian faiths.

“When working with a focus group of Muslim ladies, we received very strong feedback that having to wear the usual hospital gown made them extremely uncomfortable, because it puts them in a position where they have to violate the rules of their faith”, said Sue Mellor, the trust Patient Engagement Manager.

“We wouldn’t want this for any patient, so we introduced the new ‘multi-faith dignity gown’”, she added in a statement.

Expressing concern about tax-payer money being spent, a junior doctor said, “If we want to empower and give dignity to patients, let them wear whatever they like as long as it doesn’t interfere with their care, and let THEM pay for it.”



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