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ORLANDO, FL:  Matt Graves, the father of Lane Graves, the 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator at a Disney resort in early June, told rescue workers that two alligators were involved in the attack.

Graves said he was attacked by a second alligator as he tried to rescue his little boy after the child was dragged by a gator into the water.

The new information is now surfacing after a Florida newspaper obtained emails exchanged by fire department officials. One of the emails states that Graves was with rescue workers as they searched for his son.  At that time, Graves refused to get medical attention for bites he received from a gator — Graves did not want to leave the search efforts.  Eventually, a rescue worker promised Graves he could return to the scene once he was treated for the dangerous bites.  It was then that Graves agreed to be treated by medical professionals.

According to the emails, it was during the ride to the hospital when the grieving father shared the experience of what happened to his son and how a second gator attacked Graves as he tried to rescue Lane.




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