Report: New ISIS Video Threatens San Francisco

ISIS 28 San Francisco threat

A new video allegedly released by ISIS today is calling for more attacks on the US, showing images of San Francisco and Las Vegas.

PJ Media has reported that ISIS released a new video today from Mosul, which heaped praise upon Orlando gunman Omar Mateen, and made specific threats against San Francisco. 

The video also reportedly featured footage of the attack by Larossi Abballa on a French police commander and his family near Paris, France.

In the video, a Bosnian jihadist and two Frenchmen praise Mateen and Abballa, while encouraging more attacks in the U.S. and Europe, but only suggested attack sites in the U.S. are shown.

Additional scenes in the video feature President Obama speaking from the White House, with splatters of blood superimposed on the footage.

A picture of Obama and French President Francois Hollande is shown in the video, with flames rising up around them.

ISIS 29 Obama threat

PJ Media: Shaky handheld camera footage of the Golden Gate Bridge is shown, appearing as if it was taken with a cell phone camera along the bridge’s pedestrian walkway. The camera shot pans up to one of the supports of the suspension bridge before focusing on the cars driving past.

ISIS 25 San Francisco threat

PJ Media: Video of the Las Vegas strip at night is shown; it appears to be the pedestrian bridge at the Bellagio, perhaps shot from the pedestrian bridge at Caesars Palace.

ISIS 29 Las Vegas threat

PJ Media: A San Francisco neighborhood is shown as the Bosnian jihadist encourages attacks. The camera first flashes up Pine Street, panning up to the top of the 52-story 555 California Street tower in the financial district, which is the second-tallest building in the city.

ISIS 27 San Francisco threat


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