New Jersey Dems At War With Trump Over Illegal Immigrants

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New Jersey’s Democratic lawmakers are declaring war on President Trump by instilling policies for state reimbursement on sanctuary cities.

Trump previously stated he would cut federal funding to cities that want to house illegal immigrants. However, New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski wants to implement a policy that will establish New Jersey as a “sanctuary state,” similar to previous proposals from California and New York.

With this policy, law enforcement officers would be restricted from enforcing immigration laws. Wisniewski put out the following public announcement regarding his proposal:

“We are putting President Trump and his administration on notice. New Jersey will not be a ‘willing partner’ to the unjustified and inhumane deportations of our neighbors and friends.”

In addition to these proposed policies, several New Jersey towns are labeling themselves as self-acclaimed sanctuaries and will not contact immigration officials about illegal immigrants residing in the areas.

Regardless, the proposed bills will have little viability due to Trump ally Gov. Chris Christie, who will likely veto any legislation suggesting sanctuary methods.

“It’s more of a gesture to the immigrant community,” commented Ross Baker, a Rutgers University professor of political science. “It’s a message to them that they would be protected against hypothetical actions by the federal government.”

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