New Rainbow Flags Take Over Hollywood

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West Hollywood residents woke up Thursday morning to discover that a new design of rainbow flags had taken over their city.

The flags were the typical rainbow colors that have been adopted by the LGBT community, but also incorporated on the flag is the “Don’t tread on me” snake symbol, and the wording #Shootback, in reference to the terror attack in Orlando at a LGBT nightclub.  

The flags were everywhere, all over the city of West Hollywood.  They were taped to posts and poles and trash bins around the city, including at the City Hall and in front of the Abbey, a popular gay bar.

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City leaders were not happy, and crews worked all afternoon Thursday to remove every sign they found.  City Councilman John Duran said “we don’t allow the posting of any sign on our trees or poles.”

It is still unknown who posted the flags overnight.

Resident Lisa Beach said, “The idea of ‘shoot back’ is so playing into the hands of the NRA that I feel like everyone has turned Republican in this town.”

The area may have just avoided their own disaster – in addition to the Orlando attack, the same day a suspect was arrested with guns and explosives, headed to the LA Pride Parade event.

The state of California is just on the verge of signing into law a new gun control bill that would require a background check for buying ammunition, and tighter restrictions on semiautomatic rifles.

Meanwhile, gun sales have soared since Monday’s attack, even among gays and lesbians, and a national gun club for gays and lesbians, the Pink Pistols, has seen its memberships double nationwide since Sunday’s attack.

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