New research suggests coffee may help with longevity

Coffee not only smells great and tastes great, but it may actually add a few more years to your life.

New research suggests the more coffee you drink, the less chance you have of dying from heart and liver disease.

So for all you coffee lovers out there, if you consume just one cup of coffee per day, you are 12% less likely to die prematurely of heart or kidney disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes or respiratory failure. But for those of you who love coffee so much and consume multiple cups a day, well, you have an 18% reduced chance of dying from the illnesses just listed.

University of Southern California researcher Veronica Setiawan says she and her research team can’t pinpoint a specific reason as to why coffee appears to reduce disease risk, however, after a 16-year study they were able to draw their conclusion based on the lower number of deaths among coffee drinkers.

Setiawan said, “Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants and phenolic compounds that play an important role in cancer prevention.”

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