New A.I. system poses legal challenges

A new system is able to put words in your mouth. New artificial intelligence can take a still image of a person and combine that with an audio clip to create a doctored video that makes it appear that the person is speaking the audio.

Once developers clean up the rough edges, the software could make fake video’s look very realistic.

The software uses face-recognition algorithms to identify specific facial features. Then, it manipulates the mouth of the subject of the still image so that it looks as if they are speaking. Very little pre-processing is required, so all of this can be done in real time.

“The application we’re thinking of is redubbing a video into another language,” says Joon Son Chung at University of Oxford, one of the creators of the system. In the future, the audio from news clips could be automatically translated into another language and the images updated to fit.

This isn’t the first system to automatically adjust images to new audio, but others have needed large amounts of video to work. They would pair up the way a person’s mouth moved when they made different sounds and then use that part of the image in edited footage.

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