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Written by DML
When I launched DML PURE CBD last month I received an email from a lady who voiced concern.  She wrote: “Please don’t sell CBD products.  This will come back to haunt you when and if you try to run for office in the future.”

She probably has a point.  Most politicians do very little if anything for people who vote for them.  Therefore, I’d surely be blasted for going against the grain. Imagine the horror of having to answer questions from the media about how I actually help people feel great again.  LOL.

Obviously, I ignored this woman’s warning and launched  I think DML PURE is the greatest solution for pain and sleep to ever be offered, and other people seem agree with me as the testimonials continue to flow in.

One of the testimonials I received on Saturday is from Lori.  She lives in Maine, and she writes the following: “Just received the starter kit this week. Already sleeping so much better.  Today is my fourth day so three nights so far.  I never sleep through the night but have two nights in a row now.” 

I invite you to go to and read up on the DML PURE products available.  Give yourself a chance to feel great again.

Here is the latest video we made Saturday.

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  1. I hope mine comes soon , I’m praying it will also help my immune system as they haven’t had my meds for three months now for my infusions, praying this works and no more infusions!!!!! I have no energy , have basically slept most of the past three days , that’s part of my immune problem


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