New Video by Sandy Hook Parents is Going Insanely Viral

The nonprofit Sandy Hook Promise, a foundation comprised of family members of the killed children from the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre, has launched a powerful new video about how easy it is to miss the signs of someone planning a school shooting or attack. The video has gone viral in the last few days, propelling with hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook and Twitter.

The video begins by showing a primary story of two high schoolers making a connection through a shared desk in the library. However, the key component in the video is to keep focus on the background details, where there is a sinister second story that is unfolding and going unnoticed. The end of the video reveals the extent and missed warning signs of the second story.

Many assumed the video is about gun control, when in actuality it is addressing the dangers of mental illness, especially within young adolescents.

Watch the powerful video, simply titled “Evan,” below:


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