INSANELY HIGH FINES For “Misgendering” Customers

Mayor Bill de Blasio strikes again with human rights law and gender identity preference rules.

Greeting customers just got a whole lot trickier.   Mayor de Blasio has issued a decree requiring business owners to use a customer’s preferred gender pronoun and title – those who fail to do so are in violation of the law and subject to penalties of up to $250,000.

Not all customers want to be addressed as “Mr.” or “Mrs.”.   Some prefer gender-neutral pronouns, such as “they, them, theirs” – or even “ze” or “hir”.

Intentional and repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name or pronoun will be costly, reports the Washington Times.

The maximum civil fine that the commission may impose upon “misgendering” is $125,000. But when the violation is the “result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct,” the maximum fine can double to $250,000.

Business owners can avoid penalties by asking customers what their preferred gender pronoun is, “… so that no individual is singled out for such questions and by updating their system to allow all individuals to self,-identify their names and genders. They should not limit the options for identification to male and female only.”

However, the government is exempt from the requirement, “in circumstances where certain federal, state, or local laws require otherwise (e.g., for the purposes of employment eligibility verification with the federal government).”



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