New York Voting Problems Abound

Vote 19

Did the State of New York even know they were hosting a primary election today?

Polling sites have been closed, workers just didn’t show up, equipment has malfunctioned, voter registration errors abound… many New Yorkers are NOT happy.

NY CBS News reported that the office for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said it received 562 phone calls and 140 emails with complaints between the hours of 6 a.m. and 3:50 p.m.  The most common complaint was voters being told they weren’t registered, followed by being told they were not registered with a political party, and the denial of affidavit ballots when requested.

Other complaints included lack of privacy, accessibility issues, unclear instruction, and the availability of only blue pens when ballots state they must be marked in black.

Television and radio contributor John Burnett took to Twitter to voice his complaints, saying that in Harlem he was told there were no GOP ballots available and he would have to wait for delivery.

In Hell’s Kitchen on the west side of Manhattan, one voter discovered the scanner was not working.  He was told “the electricians are on their way.”   When the machines aren’t working, you slide your ballot into a box underneath the scanner.    Some even worried their vote would not be counted at all due to scanner issues.

Another voted posted on Twitter, “At my polling venue in Windsor Terrace this AM, they didn’t have the list of names past N in our district.”





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