News anchor caught off-guard by surprise ‘pup’ appearance (Video)

It wasn’t a typical newscast for one Russian anchor who got a surprise visit from a Labrador while reading live on-air, which prompted the video of the reporter’s reaction to go viral.

According to Daily Mail, Russian station Mir 24’s logo is ironically a black Labrador, so some in the area felt it could have been a publicity stunt.

“That feeling when even a serious news channel is chasing for cheap hype…” one viewer said.

“I don’t buy it, how can a dog of that size sneak into a TV studio without being noticed? Cute doggy though!” another viewer wrote.

At first the reporter tried to keep reading, but then the dog started shuffling her papers making it even harder for her to ignore what was happening. No one from the station attempted to help her when the dog jumped onto the set.

“What should I do with a dog in the studio, people? I am actually a cat person,” she said.

The woman then continued the remainder of the newscast with the dog by her side.


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