Newt Gingrich Scolds Ryan For Not Endorsing Trump

Gingrich says it’s time to pull together and go beat Hillary.

Speaking as a guest on “The Cats Roundtable” Sunday, Newt Gingrich had strong words for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s failure to endorse presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump thus far.  Gingrich said, “If you’re not for Donald Trump, you are functionally helping Hillary Clinton, it’s just that straightforward.”

Gingrich said “various elements of disillusionment with Washington from both the right and left “have come together to create the most insurgent candidate of my lifetime Donald Trump,” and he emphasized that “we are living in a period of remarkable chance.”

Gingrich continued, “I have enormous faith that the American people are bigger than our problems.”  He said he remains optimistic about the future of the United States despite the many difficulties facing the country.

His name has been raised as a potential vice-president for Trump.  In a separate interview with Fox News Sunday, Gingrich said he’s “open to the idea,” but that’s not an automatic “yes.”


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