NEXT DISCREDITING VIDEO: Castile & Diamond Smoke Weed With Kid in Backseat.

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A new damaging video has surfaced of Philando Castile carrying out questionable behavior which counters the narrative that he was an upstanding citizen and role model for young children.

Last week, Castile was shot dead by a Minnesota police officer after a routine traffic stop filmed by his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds.  The video sparked outrage within the black community and has led to police officers being attacked throughout the U.S., and some police officers being killed in Dallas on Thursday evening.

As we reported over the weekend, just days before the shooting Castile appeared in another Facebook Live video produced by his girlfriend, Diamond Lavish Williams.  In the video, Castile and Reynolds smoke pot while sitting idle in a car driven by Reynolds.  Her young daughter who is just 4-years old is sitting in the back seat as the two get stoned, and as Reynolds films her own crotch and breasts for her Facebook viewers.

Now another video has surfaced which further discredits both Reynolds and Castile.  In the video, Castile is driving the car while Reynolds lights a joint.  The two smoke the entire joint while driving with Reynolds young daughter in the backseat.  This spurs a question which should be answered when Castile’s toxicology reports surface:  “Were Castile and Reynolds both stoned when the police officer pulled them over?”   If so, could Reynolds have been reaching for his gun, and is this why Reynolds appeared so calm when filming Castile dying in the front seat of her car?


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