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It appears as if the liberal media has gotten together to release one story after the next in an attempt to discredit and derail Donald J. Trump.  The New York Times has launched a story about two women claiming they were groped.  One woman says it happened outside Trump Towers in 2005.   Another woman says Trump molested her on a commercial flight in the 1980s.  Trump has denied both stories and is threatening to sue the paper.  You can see the video interview and read about the stories here.

Also on Thursday, CBS NEWS put out a video of Trump joking about dating a 10-year old when she grows up.  That video can be watched by clicking here.

Today, it’s People Magazine who hits at Trump as they report of a woman from their staff who has come forward with claims against the GOP nominee.  Her claim comes from an event she says took place in 2005.   As seen in the tweet below, Trump denies the event took place.   You can read the woman’s account of what took place at, or for the short story, here is a video report that says it all:


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