NFL Player Who Just Became A U.S. Citizen Won’t Be Kneeling During The National Anthem


While many NFL players have followed in Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps by kneeling during the National Anthem, one player who just became an American Citizen explained why he won’t be joining them.

At the age of 4-years-old, Cyrus Kouandjio arrived in the United States from Cameroon because his parents wanted him to reap the opportunities America has to offer.

The 6 foot, 7 inch, 300 pound offensive lineman got exactly what his parents wanted for him. Kouandjio was a star football player in high school, he was an All-American at the University of Alabama, and was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2014.

On Thursday Kouandjio and 33 others took their oath to become U.S. citizens in a Buffalo courtroom, and this is where he recalled everything that got him to America and all the opportunities he has been presented with.

“My father still tells stories of running away from the violence, hiding out in the woods, his baby sister on his back,” said Kouandjio. “He lived in a far different world.”

“I can’t kneel during the anthem,” Kouandjio added Thursday. “I don’t blame Colin Kaepernick for doing what he did. But for me, I have too much respect for a flag and anthem that represent freedom and liberty.”


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