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Written by DML
Do you know the name Ray Lewis? If not, allow me to tell you who he is.

Ray Lewis was a linebacker with the Baltimore Ravens for 17 years. He won two Super Bowl titles, and he was known as one of the best defensive players the game has ever known.

Lewis left a Super Bowl party in Atlanta. He was heading for his limo. A ruckus broke out. Two men were stabbed dead. Ray Lewis was charged with double murder. Those charges were soon dropped. Lewis, after spending two weeks in jail, plead guilty to obstruction of justice.  It remains as questionable as OJ Simpson being found innocent.

On Thursday evening the Ravens published a political statement on Twitter.  The football team condemned the shooting of a black man who resisted arrest.  The black man has a long list of criminal activity and a warrant for his arrest.   After fighting with police, the black man, Jacob Blake, tried fleeing by car but he was shot in the process.  Cops feared he was grabbing for a weapon as he opened the car door and ignored police demands to stop. Blake was shot seven times and is now crippled.

The Ravens published a 3-page statement, which included a call for the arrest of the officers in the shooting of Jacob Blake:

I responded to the Ravens by writing, “TheUS doesnt negotiate w/terrorists or teams who hire murders (ie RayLewis). But in the spirit of MAGA we’ll meet your demands when the #1 cause of death in black men isn’t homicide, & national avg for fatherless black homes is less than 60%. Until then we shall boycott the NFL”

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  1. Play stupid ass games get stupid ass prizes what the fuck listen please Police don’t give you commands for fucking nothing!

  2. The Ravens and NFL are being hypocrites. They want justice for a select few, but ignore the fact the NFL is full or rapists,wife beaters, and drug rattled players.

  3. Just as i don’t support corporations like NIKE, Pepsi and Goodyear who align themselves politically with unpopular and un-American viewpoints, it’s time to cut the cord with professional sports. Leave athletics and athletic competition for our children and stop glorifying grown adults playing children’s games for money.

  4. Just play the damn game. Still not a sentence concerning Captain Dorn and little Cannon. I can see Pelosi watching the RNC tonight finishing up her first but not last vodka and contemplating another Xanax.

  5. Stick to football morons . You want change ? Then educate the guilty and dumb not to resist or try to run then they won’t get shot .
    And where do you get off advising the police ? Most of you are criminals and have been arrested yourself at one time or another .

  6. I refuse to watch or listen to anything about sports. Nothing more than overpaid morons who like the elite in Hollywood thing what they say matters

  7. No longer a Ravens or any NFL team fan, overpaid ungrateful idiots would rather play politics than football, what the hell is wrong with these people they are entertainers not politicians. Someday when they are unemployed they might understand the majority of the people in this country are law abiding citizens and respect the police for the difficult and challenging job that they do. I am willing to bet there are more bad apples amongst football players than police officers. I say to hell with overpaid sports players, what do they actually contribute to society with their drug enhancements and win by any means attitudes


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