President Obama, VP Biden, Mayor Bloomberg, Vice President Kaine, and every Democrat who wants your gun confiscated spoke at the DNC on Wednesday evening. We’ve put together a collection of sound bites for you, our valued reader. No person should be subject to listening to these speeches from start to finish. It would be illegal to play these speeches at Gitmo. It’s pure torture.

Yes we can?

Obama gives Hillary a compliment (if you think Obama is qualified).

Bloomberg ragging on Trump

Bloomberg touting Hillary

Biden trying not to ramble too long, but fails

More Biden, this time about Hillary

Leon gets the Dems all fired up.

A gun did not kill her son, a terrorist killed her son.

Leon giving credit to Hillary instead of holding her accountable for Benghazi.

A message from Warren about Trump dropping out.

Wouldn’t want this guy in my foxhole.

Dems say the world needs more love. I think the world needs tough love, but that takes leadership.

GOV O’Malley, who landed about 5 votes in the primaries, slams Trump over immigration.

TIM KAINE impersonates Trump.


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