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Charges have been made against nine men involved in the death of Andrew Coffey, a 20-year-old Florida State University student from the Fort Lauderdale area and fraternity pledge, who died of alcohol poisoning.

In November, Coffey was found dead after a night of partying that led his blood alcohol level to reach .558, more than four times the legal limit.

Last month, grand jury records indicate one fellow pledge waited before contacting 911, and that members of Pi Kappa Phi “were more concerned about getting in trouble than they were about trying to save Coffey’s life.”

According to a Tuesday night press release from police in Tallahassee, the nine people ranged in age from 20 to 22, and are now facing charges of “College Hazing-Cause Injury or Death.”  It was not immediately clear if all of the suspects were fraternity members.

“Hopefully, this investigation and its outcome will prevent another tragedy from occurring,” Tallahassee Chief Michael DeLeo said in a statement about the FSU charges.

Greek life at FSU has been suspended following Coffey’s death.

Below is the full press release from the Talllahassee Police Department:

For Immediate Release
Tallahassee Police Department 
Office of Police Chief Michael J. DeLeo
Contact: Officer Damon Miller, Jr. (850) 891-4255

On November 3, 2017 the Tallahassee Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit began investigating the death of a Florida State University student, Andrew Coffey. Investigators intensely employed hours of investigative research, combed through several pieces of physical evidence, and conducted dozens of interviews with the assistance of the Florida State University Police Department. After reviewing all of the evidence and in consultation of the State Attorney’s Office, investigators were able to develop probable cause for the following nine subjects connected in the death of Andrew Coffey:

Luke E. Kluttz White Male 06/23/1995

Clayton M. Muehlstein White Male 10/10/1995

Brett A. Birmingham White Male 11/10/1997

Conner R. Ravelo White Male 11/14/1996

Christopher M. Hamlin White Male 06/09/1997

Anthony Petagine White Male 05/25/1996

Anthony J. Oppenheimer White Male 01/28/1996

John B. Ray White Male 07/13/1996

Kyle J. Bauer White Male 07/11/1996

All nine arrest warrants were signed by the Honorable Judge Stephen Everett on January 16, 2018, for the charge of “College Hazing-Cause Injury or Death” Pursuant to Florida Statute 1006.63(2).

“This collaborative investigation was critical to finding answers for Andrew Coffey’s family and our community. Hopefully, this investigation and its outcome will prevent another tragedy from occurring,” said Chief Michael J. DeLeo.

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