Noor Zahi Salman, the second wife of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, reportedly drove Mateen to Pulse before he killed 49 people on Sunday night. Salman also drove with him to pick up ammunition and a holster on June 9, two nights before the attack.

Salman, 30, has not made any public statements to the media about her husband, but it’s been learned she is cooperating with authorities. She left her home Port St. Lucie after midnight on Tuesday, escorted by friends. She scrubbed her social media site after Mateen’s attack, but one existing photo of her shows her smiling with Mateen, their 3-year-old son between them.

Salman allegedly tried to dissuade him from attacking the club. She has not yet been charged in relation to the attack, but NBC News and ABC News report authorities are considering charges and a possible arrest.  If she was to be found guilty of helping him commit the murders, she could be subject to the death penalty.


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