REFUGEES: Please Leave… We’ll Pay You to LEAVE!

Refugees in Norway 3

They’ll take the money, but will they actually go HOME?

“We need to entice more [people] to voluntarily travel back by giving them a bit more money on their way out. This will save us a lot of money because it is expensive to have people in the asylum centers,” Sylvi Listhaug, Norway’s integration minister, said.

Norway just launched a campaign on Monday, offering a “bonus” of 10,000 kroner ($1,200) to the first 500 asylum seekers who will leave the country voluntarily.     The program will run for six weeks, and will apply on a first-come, first-served basis, reported the Telegraph.

The Telegraph reported that the money would be in addition to the 20,000 krone ($2,400) already given to asylum seekers and migrants in an irregular situation who wish to return voluntarily from Norway to their country of origin.

A spokesperson said the number of people taking them up on the offer was growing, especially among those who were attempting to bring their families to Norway, but were tired of waiting for the long process.

Officials said Norway has been unable to forcibly return people to Somalia, but now they’re hoping to accomplish the task by giving them an incentive to leave instead.


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