The state of Florida witnessed its second deadly tragedy in a month’s time Thursday when a bridge collapsed in the Miami area.

According to Fox News, state and federal authorities are working to find out why a newly installed pedestrian bridge at Florida International University collapsed Thursday, killing at least six and injuring at least 10 others .

National Transportation Safety Board chairman Robert Sumwalt III said a team of specialists was heading to Miami on Thursday night with plans to begin investigating Friday morning.

Authorities are preparing for the possibility that the body count will rise, as crews use high-tech listening devices, sniffing dogs and search cameras in a race to find survivors.

The $14.2 million pedestrian bridge was supposed to open in 2019 as a safe way for students to cross the busy road. It linked the community of Sweetwater with the campus of Florida International University.

Witnesses recounted a harrowing scene where cars were crushed like “sardine cans.”

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