Nudist Cruise Worker Rapes Woman, Throws Her Overboard…


Holland America cruise room service attendant and Indonesian national Ketut Pujayasa, 31, brutally raped and beat a female guest in her bedroom. After the rape, he choked the female victim with electrical cords, and battered her body bloody with various objects inside her room. Pujayasa then attempted to throw the woman overboard the MS Nieuw Amsterdam.

However, thanks to the victim’s training as an acrobat and fitness instructor, she was able to hold on to the side railing, and did not fall to her peril in the ocean below.

Pujayasa was arrested, and is now sentenced to more than 30 years in prison. After delivering her requested room service breakfast, the Indonesian national told authorities he had planned to punish  the woman after she jokingly called him a “son of a b****.” Pujayasa claimed he took her words as an offense directed to his mother, and that it was necessary to pulverize and rape her.

After surviving being overthrown, the victim managed to climb back on deck. Witnesses say she was in a hallway partially naked and “painted with blood” from head to toe. A curling iron wire used in the attack was still wrapped around her neck as she struggled to remain conscious. Below are pictures of the victim following the grisly assault:





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