NYC Police Searching For Muslim Woman Scouting Out Jewish School


Surveillance video caught a Muslim woman taking pictures of a Jewish school in New York City Thursday, prompting a police investigation.

The woman strolled up to the Yeshiva Imeri Yosef Spinka school, located at 15th Avenue and 58th Street Thursday afternoon around 2:30 p.m.   Surveillance cameras caught her taking photos and looking around all sides of the building, as if she were staking out the school for some reason.

The school turned the video over to the New York police department, and now the NYPD Intelligence Division and Counter-Terrorism Bureau are looking for the woman to question her.

JP Updates reported that City Councilman David Greenfield said, ”I’m pleased that the NYPD Intelligence Division is actively investigating this situation.  If you see something suspicious you need to report it immediately to 911.”

Here is the surveillance video they have released, in hopes someone may recognize her:


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