NY TIMES Creating New Unit to Scrutinize Trump, Family & Team

The New York Times is creating a special investigative unit to scrutinize the business ties of President Trump, his cabinet officials, and his family, sources inside the White House told Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino.

Speculation over the business dealings of Trump and his administration has fostered an ongoing narrative for media outlets throughout his campaign and early in his presidency. Now, administration insiders claim that The New York Times plans to launch a special investigative unit solely focused on uncovering and exposing any potential conflicts of interest among Trump, his family, and administration officials.

According to Gasparino, The Times has hammered this issue before, causing some candidates to opt out of the running for potential jobs in the Trump White House. Recently Vincent Viola, who was tapped to become Army Secretary, removed himself from consideration because he was unable to separate himself from his businesses.


Now the Times intends to intensify its scrutiny of the administration during the next four years, devoting a special unit to hold Trump and his administration officials accountable for conflicts of interest.

H/T: Fox Business



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