NY Times Sports editor admits mistake in misleading Patriots tweet

Patriots 041917

After posting misleading photos comparing the number of New England Patriots visiting the Trump White House with those visiting the Obama White House in 2015, the NY Times was called out on the error by both the Patriots themselves and President Trump.

Thursday afternoon, the Times’ sports editor, reported to be Jason Stallman, had owned up to the blunder, sending an email to the Washington Post that stated:

“Bad Tweet by me. Terrible Tweet. I wish I could say it’s complicated, but no, this one is pretty straightforward: I’m an idiot. It was my idea, it was my execution, it was my blunder. I made a decision in about four minutes that clearly warranted much more time. Once we learned more we tried to fix everything as much as possible as swiftly as possible and as transparently as possible. Of course, at that point, the damage was done. I just needed to own it.”

H/T: Washington Post


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