NYC Meat Cleaver Cop Attacker Identified

The suspect in a meat cleaver attack on a New York police officer was identified as Akram Joudeh. This deranged man had a history of past arrests, and was shot 18 times by police after injuring an off-duty detective with the cleaver after he discovered a boot on his white Nissan Altima.

Joudeh was 32 years old and has 15 prior arrests. One of the arrests was on Aug. 27 after he was found carrying knives near a synagogue.

The attack occurred near Penn Station on September 15 near Penn Station. Joudeh allegedly went into a rage and slashed off-duty detective Brian O’Donnell in the face, leaving him in stable but critical condition.

The New York Post said the suspect’s car was booted, which upset him. A sergeant tasered the man, a struggle unfolded, and an off-duty detective intervened and was struck with the meat cleaver.

On the official Twitter account of the New York Police Department, a series of Tweets detail what happened:

Since gunfire erupting so close to a major New York City landmark and commuter area caused ensued and people took cell phone videos from office windows, hotels and even from the street.


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