Obama Accuses Trump of Disrespecting The Constitution


While campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Ohio on Tuesday, President Obama revved up the crowd by slamming on Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Trump has never been hesitant to call out dishonesty or bias in the media when he sees it, and has gone back and forth many times with Obama and Clinton for their refusal to utter the words “radical Islamic terror.”

Obama asked Hillary’s supporters at the Ohio rally, “If you disrespect the Constitution by threatening to shut down the press when it doesn’t say things you like, or threaten to throw your opponent in jail, or discriminate against people of different faiths — if you do that before you’re elected, then what are you going to do when you have actual power to do those things?”

Speaking at a United Nations summit in September, Obama was the very one who said the United States might have to accept some constraints, give up some freedoms and bind ourselves to international rules.

At the last presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, when asked about appointing supreme court judges, Clinton’s answer was that she wanted to appointed judges “who represented all of us.”

Trump responded that he wanted to appoint judges who will uphold the constitution the way the founders intended.



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