Obama Spending Millions on Summer Jobs for Refugee Students

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Grants going to a select few communities to benefit select groups of “disadvantaged” young people.

A press release was posted to the White House website Monday: “White House and Department of Labor Announce $21 Million for Summer and Year-Round Jobs for Young Americans…”   The announcement clarifies that the grants will go to 11 communities across the U.S. “to connect disadvantaged young people with jobs this summer and year-round.” 

Winners of the grants are listed on the website.   First on the list is Utica, New York – the New Americans Career Pathways project will receive a grant to provide youth with summer jobs and academic support – for 400 students in the REFUGEE populations of Utica.   The students will receive summer job experience and tutoring in English and Math.

A local news release confirms that this will be a $2 million grant for 400 refugee students in Utica, and explains that “President Barack Obama’s administration launched the effort after a study found that almost 46 percent of youth who applied for summer jobs last year were turned down.”

Another program receiving the grant money is the “Tribal Counties in California, Illinois and Iowa” which will provide employment-related services to eligible “Native American youth with limited work experience.”

In Detroit, Michigan, a program titled “Grow Detroit’s Young Talent” will receive part of the grant money to assist Latino and Arab-American youth.

CLICK HERE to read the full announcement from the White House.



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