Obama Daughter At Wild Party Shut Down By Cops

Obama family Malia 2

A party at a private residence on Martha’s Vineyard got a little to rowdy and had to be shut down by police – and one of the attendees who got sent home was the President’s oldest daughter, Malia Obama.

The cops were called over noise complaints at the party in West Tisbury – where the Obama family is vacationing.

Word is that the Secret Service got Malia “outta there right quick” when the police showed up.

Reportedly, the party was hosted by a group of college kids on vacation, but it got out of hand.

According to the Boston Herald:

Coincidentally — or not — President Obama and Malia went for a walk together “on a trail near their residence” yesterday morning, according to the White House pool reports. Do you think there was a little father-daughter chat about how Malia might make better use of her “gap year” — the time she’s taking off before entering Harvard in September 2017?

Malia has been in the news several times recently.    See attended the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago last month, where she was photographed smoking pot and dancing provocatively.


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