Obama, Divider In Chief, Says He’s Proud of Black Activists Groups

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And we wonder why division, unrest, riots and crime continues to escalate.

President Obama was the commencement speaker at Howard University Saturday in Washington, DC, speaking to over 2,000 mostly all black graduates.

In his 40-minute address, Obama challenged the students to “fight for change and justice,” and encouraged them to “change the US through civic action and compromise.”   “Passion is vital, but you better have a strategy,” he told them.

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The Guardian reports:

The president also urged the younger generation to channel their indignation into action. “Change requires more than righteous anger – it requires change and it requires a program and it requires organizing,” he said, noting the growth of young activist movements including “black Twitter” and Black Lives Matter. “I’m so proud of the new guard of black activists who understand this,” he added.

“To bring about structural change, lasting change, awareness is not enough,” he went on. “It requires changes in law, changes in custom. If you care about mass incarceration, let me ask you, how are you pressuring members of Congress to pass the criminal reform bill now pending before them?”

Obama also inserted a degrading comment about the elder generation: “My generation,” he said, “is too stuck in our ways to provide much of the new thinking that will be required”.

Editor’s Note:  Opportunity wasted to make a positive difference.


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