Obama Imports More Syrian Refugees Than All of European Union

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While the European Union has begun listening to public outrage and has put the brakes on the Syrian refugee admissions, the Obama administration has continued to ramp up the program.

The Center for Immigration Studies reported that the EU had pledged to take in 160,000 Syrian refugees this year, but has only accepted 6,000.

Meanwhile, Obama pledged to import 10,000, and has already brought in 8,000 Syrian refugees this year.

France has only accepted 1,330 of the 30,000 it had pledged to take in.

From CIS:

This could be, instead, a sign of mere common sense. France has been under direct threat from ISIS and has suffered tremendously this past year from multiple terrorist attacks on its soil. French intelligence services know for a fact that terrorists from the Middle East have infiltrated refugee flows crossing into Europe. Many of those so-called refugees have been directly linked with the latest terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. This particular climate is even jeopardizing the Schengen Agreement and its free movement policy, as many European governments have actually started implementing border controls again.

Meanwhile, on this side of the Atlantic, the Obama administration is dead set on admitting, as promised, 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of this fiscal year (September 30). Over 8,000 are already here and there is no doubt the remaining 2,000 will arrive before the refugee summit to be hosted by President Obama on September 20 in New York. Not only is this administration right “on track” as we predicted; in order to meet its target, a special “surge operation” was implemented in Jordan to speed up the resettlement process and allow for the screening of over 10,000 Syrian refugees in just three months.

Keeping one’s promise is certainly admirable. However, keeping citizens safe should bear no compromise. France, sadly, learned its lesson the hard way. Let us hope the U.S. doesn’t have to.

There’s no shame in shifting gears. After all, as the French say, only fools do not change their minds.





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