Obama Pushed For Hillary To Concede On Election Night

As election night took a turn in the wrong direction for Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic presidential candidate reportedly received a call from President Obama, urging her to concede the White House to Donald Trump.

At around 1:30am, the results from Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania started to come in, and it became clear Trump would win the election. This is when Obama called his former Secretary of State and said “You need to concede,” The Hill reported.

This information comes from an unreleased book by authors Amie Parnes, The Hill’s senior White House correspondent, and Jonathan Allen that cite sources familiar with Clinton’s election night events.

According to the Hill, Clinton supporters were still hopeful that she could pull out a victory. “There was a lot of discussion about Michigan and Wisconsin and whether the numbers could flip it,” said one of the sources.

“If anybody knew what actually happened that night, no one would have conceded.”

After Obama’s phone call, Clinton was frustrated and reportedly said “Just give me the phone, I’m calling him.”

Before John Podesta had even returned from telling Hillary supporters to go home for the night while votes were still coming in, Hillary had already made the phone call to Trump to congratulate him, and concede the election.

The Hill also reported that many of Clinton’s allies weren’t too happy with Obama’s phone call.

Obama’s call left a sour taste in the mouths of some Clinton allies who believe she should have waited longer, and there’s now a fight playing out between the Obama and Clinton camps over whether to support an effort to force the Rust Belt states to recount their votes.


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