Obama Slams Republicans For Hillary Impeachment Talks

At a campaign rally in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Wednesday, President Barack Obama ignored all of the laws Hillary Clinton has broken, and took aim at Republicans for wanting to bring justice to Hillary in the form of an impeachment if she wins the election.

“She hasn’t even been elected yet!” Obama said.

He then went on to say an impeachment would be done by Republicans for political reasons, and not because Clinton has committed any wrongdoing.

“It doesn’t even matter what evidence, they’ll find something,” Obama said. “That’s what they’re saying.”

While campaigning in Miami on Wednesday, Donald Trump said that if Clinton were elected, “it would create an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis.”

He then added, “Haven’t we just been through a lot with the Clintons? Remember when Bill Clinton was impeached for lying? Didn’t we just go through this?”

If Hillary does win the election, and impeachment may be inevitable. Republicans such as Sen. Ron Johnson and former Rep. Tom Delay have already suggested that Clinton should be impeached immediately if she wins the White House.

Obama’s remarks at the rally can be seen below:


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