Obama To Take Air Force One On Final Trip

Barack & Michelle Obama boarding Air Force One at the Palm Springs International Airport on Monday, June 16, 2014.  Photo Credit: (STAN LIM, Press Enterprise)

Historically, the outgoing U.S. President boards Air Force One post inauguration, to a final destination.

Obama, will continue that tradition by boarding Marine One to Air Force One after January 20th. But unlike his predecessor, who was transported to his home in Texas, the Obamas are being whisked away “out of town.” 

During the White House press corps on Monday, Josh Earnest, the current press secretary, announced that Obama’s trip to Chicago for his farewell speech, and the subsequent return to Washington, will be his final flights on Air Force One as President of the United States.


Press Secretary Josh Earnest

Earnest went on to tell the press that Obama gets one more complimentary trip after January 20th.

“It is obviously tradition for the former president to take one last flight aboard the Presidential aircraft at the conclusion of the Inauguration.”

He continued by saying, “That’s certainly what I would anticipate, yes. The president and first lady will be leaving town shortly after the Inaugural Ceremony. But they will return, of course, to their rented house in Washington, D.C.”

While there has been no official word where the former first family will be flying off to, last month Obama told Oprah Winfrey during an interview that he was going to take his wife Michelle on a “nice vacation.”

“We’re going someplace warm. See ya.”

Obama has become quite accustomed to the lavish private flights that Air Force One has to offer.

The Independent Journal Review describes the plane as:

“The Boeing 747-200B series airplane, a massive, customized plane with more than 4,000 square feet of space and three levels. There are two galleys; one medical “office,” which can also be transformed into an operating room, if necessary; a full conference room; and specialized communications and anti-aircraft weaponry systems. It can also be refueled in mid-air, which means it can stay up as long as need be, in the case of emergency.”

Obama has expressed his obvious preference for flying on Air Force One several times. Last February while on the Ellen DeGeneres show, he told her, “I don’t miss flying commercial, taking your shoes off and all that.”

Back in June, he also told a group of Air Force Academy graduates that he was going to miss flying on his private plane.

H/T: Independent Journal Review


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