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Former President Barack Obama is set to become active in the 2018 political cycle in support of Democrats ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Obama is currently discussing with Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez and Eric Holder, Obama’s former attorney general, plans to endorse down-ballot candidates, appear at fundraisers and campaign for Democratic candidates, Politico reported.

“He’s going to be out there for candidates, he’ll be out there helping us in meaningful ways, not just in fundraising,” Perez said.

“The guy was a state senator in ’04 and he was president of the United States four years later,” said Perez. “He knows something about winning elections and building a brand.”

Obama is also expected to leverage support from his 15,000-person campaign and advocacy network.

Appearances by Obama are not likely to begin until the fall, when he is expected to take direction from the National Democratic Redistricting Committee regarding endorsements and appearances.

According to The Hill, Obama has attempted to keep a low profile since leaving the presidency in an effort to avoid being perceived as the leader of the Democrat party’s opposition to President Donald Trump.

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