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The New York Times issued a report Monday stating that young black males are being denied the American dream because they are black.

Below is the tweet that leads to the article, which was shared by former President Obama. “Even when children grow up next to each other with parents who earn similar incomes, black boys fare worse than white boys in 99 percent of America.”

Obama, who critics say did little to nothing to help black communities improve during his presidency, and who allowed millions of illegal aliens to flow into the US and take jobs away from young black men, issued a tweet in response to the article by the Times.

Obama wrote: “Our most important task as a nation is to make sure all our young people can achieve their dreams. We’ve started this work with @MBK_Alliance, but there’s so much more all of us have to do—government, private sector, academia & community leaders—to change the odds for our kids.”

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