Obama Wants To Help Dems Find The Next “Michelle And Barack”


Instead of disappearing into the woodwork after his presidency is over, Obama plans to stick around and help rebuild the Democratic Party after their devastating loss on Election Day.

In an interview with The New Yorker on Thursday, Obama re-expressed his willingness to help President-elect Donald Trump settle into the presidency, but his main goal is to ensure Democrats take the White House and start filling seats in Congress.

“I think now I have some responsibility to at least offer my counsel to those who will continue to be elected officials about how the D.N.C. can help rebuild, how state parties and progressive organizations can work together.”

Once out of office, Obama wants to help the Democrats find the next “Michelle and Barack.”

 “What we’ll be most interested in is programming that helps the next Michelle Obama or the next Barack Obama who right now is sitting out there and has no idea how to make their ideals live, isn’t quite sure what to do—to give them resources and ways to think about social change.”

Obama’s full interview can be seen Here.


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