In November 2012, just prior to the election, President Obama’s approval rating was 52 percent, while 45 percent of Americans disapproved of Obama’s performance as President. But months later Obama’s approval rating started to head downward. By 2014, Obama’s approval rating averaged 46 percent.

With all the GOP infighting, it appears as if the majority of Americans are willing to overlook Obama’s record-breaking debt. The are forgetting that his policies have caused poverty to increase. They are overlooking Obama’s open borders. How about the fact that the VA remains in disarray or that IRAN is failing to adhere to the nuclear agreement? Do Americans not care that Obama’s JV team (aka ISIS) is growing like wildfire? According to Gallup, despite all the bad he has caused, the President’s latest approval rating has hit 53 percent, one point higher than he earned on his reelection in November 2012.


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